Ace Answers Podcast #3 and the End of Asexual Awareness Week

The end of this momentous week really deserves a thoughtful, well-crafted reflection post, but I spent most of the weekend trying to sew a TARDIS dress that I ended up half-crafting with blue and white duct tape, so I’m not really in the mood. My room is seeking funds from FEMA, I haven’t worked on my book in weeks, and I’m still unemployed – but I’d happily work on Asexual Awareness Week again next year.

Hopefully I’ll be able to write up a more in depth review – after I transcribe my interview with author Sarah Kuhn. I really appreciate people commenting and asking questions, here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. I’m still open to questions; if you want to know something, just ask. I had a number of other plans for this week, but my newly activist eyes were a bit big for my still procrastinating stomach.

The final Ace Answers Podcast is available, I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them as much as I’ve enjoyed making them (right-click and ‘save as’ to download): Ace Answers Podcast #3

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