Cursed Children: The Potter Generation, 9 Years Later

September 2, 2016

When Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was released, the same weekend I graduated from high school, I waited in line at midnight. And waited again, two years later, for Half-Blood Prince. But after the midnight release of Deathly Hallows, just prior to my final year of college, I started to close the Harry Potter chapter of my life. So when Scholastic released the script to the ‘8th Harry Potter story,’ nine years later, I didn’t rush to Amazon or my local book store. I waited. I forgot. I didn’t know if I wanted to read it at all. And then eventually, because friends wanted to talk about it, I cracked the spine on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.


Travel Guide to Battleworld: A-Force to Ultimate End

May 25, 2015

With 41 territories made up of alternate universe fragments, exploration of Battleworld can be daunting, even to experienced travelers. In this guide I hope to help you navigate the perplexing landscape and make the most out of your journey. If you get lost, you can always call on the Thors for assistance; just keep in mind that Doom’s Law is absolute, and the Thor Corps exists to enforce it. Have fun!


A Valkyrie Walks Into Battleworld…

Original cover by Mike; Secret Wars 2015 cover by Alex Ross
May 25, 2015

Long, long ago, back in ye olde 1980s, the Mattel toy company decided that superheroes were going to be the next big thing. But if they were going to team-up with Marvel to sell epic play sets, then they wanted a big comic book event to go with it. The keywords coming out of the focus group were ‘secret,’ ‘wars,’ and ‘everybody,’ and so the Secret Wars (where heroes and villains from around the world were sent to an alien planet to fight to the death) was born. Now Marvel’s throwing everything into a new blender with months of comics featuring alternate universe versions of the characters we love, and seeing what sticks to the sides. It’s complicated, it’s confusing, it’s bananas. Hopefully, it’ll also be fun – because I’m determined to read every single issue.


Book Review: The Dragon Conspiracy (SPI Files #2) by Lisa Shearin

dragon conspiracy_front mech.indd
January 29, 2015

One of the things I like most about The Grendel Affair, the first SPI Files novel, is that while Agent Makenna “Mac” Fraser is smart and competent, she bucks the all-too-common urban fantasy trope of the ‘strong female character.’ I’m happy to see that continue in The Dragon Conspiracy, even if she’s working to improve her combat skills for the sake of necessity. Unlike many of her peers in the genre, Makenna isn’t all about kicking ass and casting spells. Don’t get me wrong, I love that type of character, too, but once in awhile it’s nice to see a ‘strong female character’ whose value is something other than martial arts and gunplay.