Barter: Your Dignity for My Amusement?

Still Twittering (Twitting? Tweeting?), and still have no idea why. In doing research for the webseries, I’ve been perusing craigslist, and some of the things people post just crack me up – and I’m not even talking about the personals.  Sometimes it isn’t a matter of the content, but the phrasing.  Take for example: 2 Authentic Chagall Lithographs made by Chagall – (Thousand Oaks) pic I should certainly hope the…

March 9, 2009

I Sold My Soul to Twitter Today

“Cliff Notes for Chick Flicks” was my 100th blog post, and I had so much fun writing that article that I want to turn it into a book, with a more detailed breakdown of each movie including summary, characters, and quotable lines.   I can’t stop myself from wanting to work on multiple genres, which is why I’m putting most of my eggs in the USC basket – their program encourages…

March 6, 2009

So You Want to Make a Web Series

One of the best things about the technology boom is that when you say to a friend, “Hey, want to collaborate on a film project?” and she says, “We should do a web series!” it’s not actually as far-fetched as it sounds.  All you really need is a camera, a script, and a computer. In high school I was a part of something called the Media Academy, and I had…

March 3, 2009