Curl Up With Comics: Courtesy, Your Friendly Neighborhood Valkyrie

September 5, 2016

Beyond Rebirths and Civil Wars, there are whole worlds to explore in the pages of comics and graphic novels.     While DC has its Rebirth, Marvel slogs through its second Civil War – an interesting story, but one that’s been buried by tie-ins. (See below for one really stand-out moment.) Meanwhile the ‘indie’ scene is knocking out of the park. Take a look at some of my new and old…


Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Public Domain Kitchen Sink

sherlock holmes
January 3, 2014

We’ve got manic MMA Sherlock. We’ve got Sherlock-in-America with gender-bent Watson and Moriarty. We’ve got a modern day Sherlock obsessed with texting who recently dumped his boyfriend by faking suicide. You could even argue we have a time-traveling Sherlock whose Moriarty is headless and rides a horse. Now that we have actual permission to play with the characters as much as we like, what else should we do with the consulting detective and his long-suffering partner?