The Blog-and-Run

A quick blog-and-run, seeing as it’s nearly midnight and I haven’t posted today; can’t ruin my streak now.  Today was typically uneventful, though I did come up with five new ideas for TV pilots while sitting at Coffee Bean.  That was one of my self-imposed homework assignments – check that off the list.  I seriously need a personal organizer. In my second post, I mentioned the Writer’s Market guide, and…

June 13, 2008

Apparently I Have a Future in This Business

Saw my professor today about my pilot television script.  He hardly had any notes for me, told me I was in good shape, and that I had an A in the class.  What was most flattering was that he said when he was asked about his current crop of students and their ideas, he told people about mine.  He said they responded well to the premise. To add to what…

June 9, 2008

How to Get Rejected, Part II

Literary Journals Despite hearing from every professor I had that we as college students should be submitting to literary journals, not one of them thought it was worth mentioning exactly how to do it.  Sending in a short story, after all, is a different beast than looking for a book agent, it stands to reason that the same approach won’t work. The one piece of advice they did give is…

June 7, 2008

How to Get Rejected

Rejection comes in so many shapes and forms, and is by far the most common response to a query letter or journal submission.  That’s an unavoidable fact of the biz – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  On the contrary, take pride in those rejection letters, collect them and display them as you would any trophy, medal, or award because the fact is, those letters represent an accomplishment.  Let…

June 6, 2008

What do you do with a BA in English?

You start a blog, of course. The Avenue Q soundtrack seems to have been written for my life – if my life was performed by puppets.  One day after my very last college course, and 10 days before my official graduation with a BA in creative writing from the University of California, Riverside, I find myself in bed with a box of Chocolate Chex watching old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes…

June 5, 2008