The Ace Answers Podcast

October 25, 2011

For Asexual Awareness Week 2011, I joined the planning committee (more on that in an article to be published this week on the blog LGBTPOV.) All the members had their own projects, and I decided that I wanted to give people in the community the chance to answer questions that no one was really asking. Given that we are often overlooked, ignored, or invisible, I wanted to offer the wider world an opportunity to hear from real, live asexuals, in their own voices.


Perchance to Dream

August 29, 2011

Probably because my brain never shuts down, my dreams are usually very detailed and insanely complicated, like any given episode of Moffat-era Doctor Who. A few nights ago, for example, I found myself in some gypsy woman’s RV taking part in a ritual to say goodbye to an old (but still very much alive) friend.


Perseverance in Creativity

Do you know how many motivational posters turn up if you image search for 'perseverance'? A lot.
July 26, 2011

It’s incredibly easy to become frustrated, even disillusioned, with the life of a creative type. I do all the time. It frequently – for lack of a better word – sucks. Oh, sure, there’s the glamour of alcoholism and starvation to fall back on, but it’s really hard to be a starving artist when there are Hot Pockets in the freezer. (I suppose one solution would be to stop buying Hot Pockets, but I for one don’t want to live in a world without portable calzones.)


Say Goodnight, Burbank

May 6, 2011

Now Goodnight Burbank, the show that takes a look behind the scenes of a low-budget local news station, is a half-hour star-studded production distributed on Hulu. Creator and star Hayden Black was good enough to take a few minutes out of plotting world domination to answer a few questions I had about the show and riding the wave of success.