Definition of Insanity


I’ve been remiss with this blog (and have been waiting a week to use the word ‘remiss.’) I can’t even entirely blame my thesis. The last couple of weeks have been occupied with Top Secret Work of a Holiday Nature and Top Secret Work of a Nostalgic Nature, neither of which can be discussed on a public forum. Yet. (There are spies everywhere.)

Also, the acquisition of Angry Birds for iPhone has been detrimental to productivity.  (Seriously, why is a game about shooting multi-colored birds at green pigs in helmets so addictive?)

But since my third semester at USC has drawn to a close, I thought it was time to resume the commitments I made to myself, primarily in the form of this blog. So in the spirit of that commitment, I’m going to once again attempt to blog Christmas-y things for twelve straight days.

I say “attempt” because I’m not usually very good about keeping to these self-imposed deadlines – thus the insanity, as I continue to ‘attempt’ year after year. And since it’s already the 15th (I started this entry on the 13th), I guess the merriment will continue beyond Christmas. Maybe.

I’m going to start off the festivities with a list, because I love lists. Here are some things I’ve done recently:

  • I turned 25. Therefore, my life is mostly over, and I will have to spend the next few months accepting it.
  • I celebrated Hanukkah with the candles I brought back from Tsfat in Israel. They were very drippy. Also, there were latkes, which is the best reason to celebrate.
  • I went to see the Thrilling Adventure Hour Holiday Spectacular. I’ve been a regular attendee of this amazing monthly old-time-radio-style show since June, and this special Christmas extravaganza was probably the best I’ve seen so far, with guest stars Nathan Fillion and Alison Brie, not to mention the tale of Jumbo, the Christmas Elephant – sure to become a beloved children’s classic.
  • I completed the first draft of a full-length play about a closeted atheist running for governor of California. You’re welcome.
  • I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and didn’t hate it. In fact, I enjoyed it. So I saw it again.
  • I also saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which reaffirmed my love of Skandar Keynes as Edmund. I think there were other people in that movie, but I can’t be sure.
  • I realized my favorite holiday movies are Love Actually, Die Hard,and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which apparently says a lot about me as a person.
  • I had my final thesis meet of the semester with my advisor at a tiny coffee shop in Echo Park. Apparently, I’m in great shape – textually, not physically.
  • I attempted to buy my pass for Comic-Con 2011. Three times. I’m starting to feel as if this is the universe telling me to write a sequel to my webseries.
  • I watched many Christmas TV episodes, including Community, Leverage, Eureka, and Warehouse 13.
  • I successfully purchased tickets to see Nicholas Brendon in The Santaland Diaries this Friday.
  • And finally, I sang karaoke at the office Christmas party. Which is a sentence I honestly never thought I’d type.

There, at least 12 posts worth of material to blog about. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Dear love, you know that your life ends at 30. Not at the quarter of a century mark. I hope you do feel better from your concussion. See you next week at the Holiday party hopefully?

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