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It wasn’t long after I started making with jewelry (in particular, embossing copper), that I decided to combine this new hobby with my geek life, and opened uGeek by Hollywood Jane on Etsy.

Clicking on any of the photos below will take you to that page on my shop.

I started with what I’m calling my ‘Geek Pride’ series: copper pendants embossed with symbols from the dork side. Once I’d done the embossing, though, they didn’t feel complete, and that’s when I realized that making plain copper pendants was fine, but making actual jewelry out of them was better.

A little bit of paint, a little bit of wire, a few beads – these pendants are only recognizable as geeky to fellow geeks. Stealth geek, if you will, which is how I prefer to show my geek pride.

Around the time I started the jewelry crafting process, I was searching in vain for a flash drive necklace. ¬†After two flash drives that were kept on my keychain died (one got bent by the weight of my keys, the plastic part that held the other to the keychain broke), I tried taking the flash drive off my keys when it was in use, but inevitably left it behind in the computer. Sticking it in my pocket didn’t work since I didn’t wear the same pair of pants every day, and was afraid of sending it through the wash.

The few flash drive necklaces I found on the web had 1 and 2G capacities, were either dull, plastic, covered in hideous Swarovski crystals, or decorated with skulls.

So I decided to make my own.

All are for sale on Etsy, and I’m planning to offer customizations if there’s any interest.

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  1. I love that Blue Sun necklace. I’ve been wearing my Jayne hat daily since winter started. Some lady actually laughed at me while I had it on, which just made me feel more Jayne-like.

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