For Sale

This week my position at work was eliminated, so today is my last day. I leave on good terms, with no hard feelings, and no regrets. Unfortunately, I don’t have another income to fall back on – yet.

With student loans and the lovely economic situation, I admit I’m a little scared. Though I’m confident I’ll find another job (hopefully a full-time position), I have no idea how long it might take.

So in the mean time, I’m going to focus some energy on monetizing my side projects. It would really help me out if friends and fans of the blog would spread the word about uGeek and uGeek Tees while I look into the new-to-me world of advertising. I’m also accepting requests for custom design work, whether it be in the form of jewelry, t-shirts, book covers, or posters.


If I’ve made something that has caught your eye, but you’ve hesitated, now would be a helpful time to go for it. My caffeine habit would thank you.

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