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My mock-up for faux cover art.
My latest mock-up for faux cover art. It’s the little things.

I’ve been in revision mode since the beginning of the year, which is why my podcast is sporadic and my blogging has been pretty lax. Despite the number of hours in the day, when I’m really trying to tune my focus, taking time for anything else feels like cheating, or wasting precious moments that should be spent correcting typos and eliminating the word ‘just’ from my manuscript.

On April 17th I completed my second draft, which means I deem it good enough to be seen by other human beings. They’ll (hopefully) give me their feedback which I’ll incorporate into Draft #4, after Draft #3 which is the ‘character & dialogue’ draft.

And while I’m waiting for others to pass judgment, I’ll start putting together the pieces necessary to move into the query stage. I did this once already, when this was a different book, which raises some questions I don’t have the answers to: Can I requery agents who rejected the first version since this one’s got almost a completely different plot? Not to mention I started querying agents almost ten years ago. Some of them might not even be in business anymore.

Also, the publishing world is in flux, and floundering a bit. Protocols may have changed – investigation will have to follow, as, I’m sure, will many rejections.

This really can’t be overstated: don’t “become” a writer because you believe you’re entitled to be published. “Be” a writer because you don’t know how to be anything else.

And enjoy this list –

Things I Noticed About My Writing While Rewriting:

  • Similes are like chocolate – I’m addicted to them.

  • I overused the words ‘gingham’ and ‘pinafore’ and not always in combination.

  • The speech tag “said” starts to look really annoying after 100 pages.

  • I’ve probably telegraphed too much of the emotion.

  • First person is great because if any of the facts are wrong, you can blame it on the narrator’s limited perspective.

The next YA Rewind discussing Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book will be up this week. Check your iTunes subscriptions accordingly.

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