Literature’s Clueless Couples

In much of literature, love stories are about couples who have to overcome tremendous obstacles to be together – but sometimes the only obstacle to a happily ever after is the couple itself. Two characters who spend most of a story arguing until a sudden realization and declaration of love is, of course, a romantic comedy staple, and not unique to the silver screen. Some of our favorite fictional pairs spend their books completely oblivious to the relationship that’s right in front of them.

Jane Austen absolutely loved this trope – so much so that the modernized adaptation of Emma was called Clueless. From Emma and Mr. Knightly, to Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, and even Anne and Captain Wentworth, Austen delighted in bringing characters together with sparks. Her heroes are usually the first to realize that the maddening women in their lives are also the loves of them.

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