It's a blog within a blog within a blog!In order to achieve internet domination, I’ve been reliably informed that I should post something every day on this blog, which is a tall order when daily life is dull and I don’t particularly want to blog without something interesting to share. I suppose I could blog about last night’s Thrilling Adventure Hour¬†and the absolutely brilliant Sparks Nevada musical episode, but until the podcast goes up, it was a ‘you had to be there’ kind of evening.

I’d blog about rejoining the hunt for the elusive job, but there’s nothing to report. Everyone knows the job search is miserable right now. Everyone knows the economy is trashed. What could I, a woman with a barely functional understanding of finance, possibly contribute to that¬†discussion?

I could blog about my decision to start volunteering with the Westside German Shepherd Rescue. I had orientation, but won’t actually have any canine anecdotes until my first official shift. Besides, if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably had your fill for the time being.

Which also precludes me from blogging about asexuality. After an intensive week of educational and hopefully entertaining posts, I’m taking a step back, saving all the good stuff for my memoir, which I’m supposed to finish this month. The looming self-imposed deadline of my first draft takes away from blogging, too.

I guess all that leaves me with is finding some obscure page from the internet and creating controversy around it. Troll-baiting, if you will. Time to start mining Craigslist again. Let me start by making a general announcement:

Dear People of Craigslist,

If you want someone to edit your manuscript, you have to pay. Period. Full stop. You can’t promise to “share the profits” of a book that may never be published and actually expect anyone to reply. Of course, this is entirely predicated on the assumption that you want someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Anyone who would take on such a task for free is either the world’s most generous person, or…

Speaking of manuscripts, it happens to be November, which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). In my case, it’s FiMyMeMo (Finish My Memoir Month), but the spirit is the same. Write! Write like your life depends on it, because when it does, that’s how you know you’re a writer.

I’ve lost track of this blog, Inception-like. Guess it’s time to wake up. See you tomorrow?

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