I had every intention of blogging yesterday, until I concussed myself. Again. I think it takes a real talent to concuss oneself on multiple occasions, and I, my friends, am just that talented.

In that spirit, enjoy this list of times when I have caused myself bodily harm in accidental, yet humorous, ways.

  1. When I was three I fell off a book case and fractured my leg.
  2. I scratched my cornea on a rose bush while hunting for Easter Eggs.
  3. At a family picnic I stuck my foot through a croquet wicket and fell, fracturing my arm.
  4. Can’t remember if that was before or after I tripped in my own backyard, and cracked my chin open on the cement driveway during a game of tag with my cousins.
  5. It was definitely before I slid down the trunk of a tree at a 45 degree angle, and braced my fall with my wrists. Despite jumping to my feet and insisting I was fine, that night I had to have my mom take me to the ER, where I discovered I’d fractured – you guessed it – my wrist.
  6. I was voted ‘Most Likely to Fall Off Her Bike’ at summer camp.
  7. Just a few years ago I concussed myself in my father’s car after I climbed in the back seat and accidentally slammed the base of my skull against the head rest.
  8. And just yesterday I was running the agility course with Pilot when I tripped – over my feet or his paws – and went down like a cartoon character, chin first, into the very, very hard rubber.

I felt well enough last night to join my parents in a hunt for our Christmas tree. This morning my neck rebelled. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better this evening in time forĀ The Santaland Diaries.

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  1. Ouch! Old news now, but I fell behind in my blog reading. They had a “Most Likely to Fall Off Her Bike” category at your camp? That seems mean. Or maybe you can find a certain pride in the title.

    Hope you’re all mended by now.

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