Quest for Comic-Con Part IX: Welcome to the Dollhouse

Here it is, the penultimate episode on Gabby’s journey to meet her idol. In which she arrives at her Aunt Fanny’s house in San Diego somewhat the worse for wear, and has to overcome her aunt’s geek prejudices in order to survive the night. Will she make it? Will she meet Josh Wheaton? Will she overcome all obstacles in her path? Find out next time,  in the final episode: Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.

Wow, Episode 9. There were honestly times when I never thought I’d get here – including yesterday morning when my dog knocked my computer off the bed and my macbook kept trying to tell me that the Final Cut file was unreadable. Fortunately, a reboot corrected that notion, and I was able to upload. There’s only one more episode left – but it’s definitely a doozy.

This is the only episode (other than the first) that doesn’t feature Adrian Merendon as Z.J. or one of Gabby’s fantasies. If I had it to do all over again, I would have snuck a phone call in, seeing as how Z.J. is a constant as both angel and devil on Gabby’s shoulder. Also, because Adrian is awesome to work with.

Kimberly Laux (Aunt Fanny) once again stepped up to fill in Fanny’s crazy shoes. As I tweeted, I’d forgotten how funny this episode is until I was cutting it together. It was oddly cathartic to caricaturize some of the viewpoints on Comic-Con that I’ve come across. And for those of you who disagree with Gabby’s assessment of Con, just wait until Part 10.

A huge thanks to my actual aunt Diana who let us invade her home for not just one day, but two in order to get all the shots we needed. Her motion-sensitive porch light – while a huge annoyance during filming – actually gave us a wonderful little gag. Then she arrived and showed me how to turn it off, and I kind of felt like an idiot.

A real retrospective is due with Part 10, I think. The episode itself gets a little nuts, but hopefully all you Questers will find it a fitting end to Gabby’s saga. If you haven’t already, please become a fan of the Quest on our Facebook Page and tell your friends to watch us on YouTube.

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  1. Really, really funny. I loved it. Once you get the 10th episode up, we can watch all of them again. I’m really proud, again!

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