Self Promotion is My Something Corporate Cover Band

spreadshirtbannerI’ve loved designing t-shirts ever since the early days of Cafe Press, and have owned many shirts over the years designed by fellow fans. It’s an ongoing quest nowadays to find the right print-on-demand website that will do everything I want since screenprinting is not financially viable. I’m currently settled at Spreadshirt, which gives me the most options, but is far from perfect.

Because of the limitations, sometimes I don’t realize there’s a problem with a design until I see it printed, and sadly I can’t afford to order one of every shirt I make as a test copy. But I can and have gone back and attempted to clean up the designs so that anyone who orders one in the future gets a better product.

I recently added a couple new typographic quote designs, and now that Spreadshirt’s extended its product line, I may move some of the designs from Society 6 over. I’m also going to try to be more diligent about sharing the site’s coupon codes.



And if you don’t see a geeky shirt that fits you in my shop, you should check out my friend’s designs at YELLOW MONKEY TEES – Geekery on the Go.

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