Real Life Procrastinator: Chronicle of a So-Called Adult

January 1, 2016

They call my generation ‘Boomerang Kids’ – Millennials who left the nest for college, then turned right around and moved back in with Mom and Dad post-grad because the wider world is terrible, and depressing, and an empty nightmare of struggles to find affordable healthcare.

I’m thirty years old, and there’s almost nothing adult about me.


Sex, Drugs & Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman

March 21, 2011

For months I kept picking Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs off the shelf of my local Barnes & Noble because it has a funny title and an eye-catching cover, but since two of the three items in the title were of no interest to me, I always put it back. Smash cut to my non-fiction book proposal class, and one of my classmates who raved about Chuck Klosterman, and this book in particular, which she explained is a collection of essays on pop culture.


No Going Back

No matter how many professors, seasoned authors, and other assorted writing sages tell me that published works are actually the product of a dozen agonizing rewrites, I never lose the hope that the first draft I toss onto the computer screen will be pure golden perfection. And then I’m very frustrated when it isn’t. (But, maybe, next time…) There are times when I look at a chapter, or an essay,…

October 22, 2010

Update from the Trenches

It’s now half-way through the semester at USC, and I’ve written four essays in varying states of readability for my thesis.  The process of writing, writing, writing without looking back is difficult for me – I’m the type of writer who can’t move forward until she’s fixed earlier mistakes. (I’ve signed up for National Novel Writing Month at least four times and haven’t finished once.) It’s important to keep reminding myself…

October 15, 2010

Can’t Blog – Thesis

I considered announcing a hiatus for this blog as I spend the next eight months crafting my master’s thesis in creative non-fiction. I haven’t been posting much lately, both from a lack of time and a lack of something to say. I admire people who can blog on a daily basis, but I don’t like to come to this blog and just throw out some random thought. This blog is…

October 1, 2010

Hollywood Jane in Massachusetts, Part III

The conference is going well.  I’ve met a lot of very interesting people since I’ve been here, and I’m sure we’ll all wind up in each other’s stories or poems before long. Today was a return to our regularly scheduled programming, except that there was a transfer of power.  With the exception of the short fiction group, who had both instructors present for the first few days, the rest of…

June 26, 2008