Geek Girls in Pop Culture

I took this photo at last year's GeekGirlCon. Subject unknown. @2011
August 7, 2012

There has been a lot of bad blood in the geek world in the last couple of months, particularly around the subject of women in nerdom. Apparently there is some phenomenon (which I’ve never personally experienced) of girls pretending to be geeks to get attention. The thing that gets me is that I believe you can be a geek about anything. Geekery is about passion, not cred. There are music geeks, architecture geeks, fashion geeks, and even sports geeks. Comics and sci-fi/fantasy geeks don’t have ownership of the label, we’re just the public face.


Summer Sci-Fi Returns: Rockets and Romance on Eureka

July 12, 2011

Last night saw the season premieres of three SyFy original series: fan favorites Eureka and Warehouse 13, and the pilot of the new show Alphas. Curiously, last year’s newbie Haven is going solo on Friday nights, despite the fact that it more closely matches Alphas in tone than the other two do. Still, a three-hour Monday night binge of sci-fi is just what the Doctor ordered to cure the weekday ennui.


A Eureka Moment

Comic by Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue
May 26, 2011

Writer-producer and fellow geek Amy Berg got her start writing for SNICK’s Kenan & Kel, and went on to write for such shows as Boomtown, Threshold, and The 4400. Currently she is a writer and co-executive producer for SyFy’s Eureka, the show about Jack Carter, the sheriff of “a little town with a big secret.” Ms. Berg graciously took time out of her schedule to answer a few questions I had about writing genre, shipping, and the alternate timeline that turned the town of Eureka upside-down.