It's a blog within a blog within a blog!

In order to achieve internet domination, I’ve been reliably informed that I should post something every day on this blog, which is a tall order when daily life is dull and I don’t particularly want to blog without something interesting to share. Continue reading

Fun Times on the West Coast


I’ve got some events and deadlines coming up in the next couple of months, so it’s crunch time. First, at the start of October I’ll be headed to Seattle for Geek Girl Con with my friend Clare. I’m pretty excited about this, especially since I had a rather disappointing time at Comic-Con this year. It’s also my last big ticketed event until I get a new job. Continue reading

Definition of Insanity

I’ve been remiss with this blog (and have been waiting a week to use the word ‘remiss.’) I can’t even entirely blame my thesis. The last couple of weeks have been occupied with Top Secret Work of a Holiday Nature and Top Secret Work of a Nostalgic Nature, neither of which can be discussed on a public forum. Yet. (There are spies everywhere.)

Also, the acquisition of Angry Birds for iPhone has been detrimental to productivity.  (Seriously, why is a game about shooting multi-colored birds at green pigs in helmets so addictive?)

But since my third semester at USC has drawn to a close, I thought it was time to resume the commitments I made to myself, primarily in the form of this blog. So in the spirit of that commitment, I’m going to once again attempt to blog Christmas-y things for twelve straight days.

I say “attempt” because I’m not usually very good about keeping … Continue reading