Geek Girls in Pop Culture

I took this photo at last year's GeekGirlCon. Subject unknown. @2011
August 7, 2012

There has been a lot of bad blood in the geek world in the last couple of months, particularly around the subject of women in nerdom. Apparently there is some phenomenon (which I’ve never personally experienced) of girls pretending to be geeks to get attention. The thing that gets me is that I believe you can be a geek about anything. Geekery is about passion, not cred. There are music geeks, architecture geeks, fashion geeks, and even sports geeks. Comics and sci-fi/fantasy geeks don’t have ownership of the label, we’re just the public face.


A Regular Hollywood Evening

I didn’t watch the Emmys Sunday night since I was at a family party to celebrate the birthdays of two cousins, but was well informed by Twitter as to the winners, the losers, the outfits, and what YouTube videos I would have to watch in the morning. Aside from Jim Parson’s win for The Big Bang Theory, I was unmoved by the results. ¬†Though I felt¬†Lost deserved more recognition for…

August 31, 2010

Warehouse 13, Quoth the Raven

Is that character development I spy in the Warehouse? On a SciFi show? Maybe the rebranding has done some good after all – add Pete Lattimer’s unexpected growth to the news that Stargate Universe will be more serialized than its two predecessors, and it would seem that the cable network has turned a corner. No more CTRL-Z! In case you missed it: Tuesday’s episode, “Nevermore,” opens on a little bookshop…

September 18, 2009