The Ace Answers Podcast #2

The second podcast is now available, so right-click and save as: Ace Answers Podcast #2. For reasons known only to Technus, lord of machines, this podcast can also be listened to streaming just by clicking it, even though I did exactly the same thing that I did when I uploaded the first one. C’est la vie!

This episode tackles the topics of misconceptions, challenges faced by asexuals, and asexual representations in the media. I’m working on finding the best way to upload and share these podcasts, so hopefully they can be streamed at some point. I received a number of great responses, but I would still love to hear from a larger sample of the community.

I also hope to do some kind of collaboration with Melanie from Ace Secrets, so keep an eye out for that.

And one more piece of Asexual Awareness Week news, I wrote an article for LGBTPOV that went up yesterday: Asexuals Activate! In the piece I discuss my previous fear of activism, and what turned me into a crusader for my sexual orientation.

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