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For Asexual Awareness Week 2011, I joined the planning committee (more on that in an article to be published this week on the blog LGBTPOV.) All the members had their own projects, and I decided that I wanted to give people in the community the chance to answer questions that no one was really asking. Given that we are often overlooked, ignored, or invisible, I wanted to offer the wider world an opportunity to hear from real, live asexuals, in their own voices.

So I developed the Ace Answers Podcast, and contacted volunteers to share their stories. The first of three podcasts is now available. To listen, right-click and download: Ace Answers Podcast #1.

A huge thank you to all my volunteers. I hope this project is shared with others, and I hope those who listen to it come away with a greater understanding of the complicated but passionate community surrounding asexuality.

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  1. I would like to hear from some asexual-spectrum cis men, trans men and nonbinary people. I would especially like to hear from other (nonromantic) gray-asexual people like myself.

    Also: Aromantic people can desire emotional closeness and physical affection too. I know I do. I just don’t have the romantic attraction piece of it. I experience a lot of sensual attraction. The kind of relationships I desire with others are those that don’t adhere to the standard romantic model of relationships or the standard friendship model.

    1. I solicited involvement from all areas of the community; these answers, and the answers that will be in the next podcasts, are what I received. I hope to do this again at some point, perhaps even keep submissions open on a year-round basis so that we can hear from an even larger sample. It all depends on what people submit, and then follow-up with. I had at least two men submit written answers, but didn’t follow up with the recording, unfortunately.

      As for aromantics, I know they can desire emotional and physical closeness, which is why I specified that romantic asexuals look for it with a romantic partner. I’m really sorry if it came out wrong, that was the opposite of my intention. Thank you for listening and commenting, I really appreciate the feedback.

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