The Awesome That Was Geek Girl Con

The First Annual Geek Girl Con was a lovely sight to behold, both figuratively and literally (some awesome cosplay!). Totally low-key and mellow, with a wonderful sense of camaraderie and community. Everyone seemed very comfortable with themselves and each other. There was a definite sense of intelligence in the air; great, detailed discussions about representation in television, novels, and comics took place in every room.

I’m sure a lot of people are writing about all the emotions this environment brought up, but reading this one really touched me and pretty much explains why this weekend was so important: You Have to Hand it to the Geeks.

My weekend started off with a concert Friday night featuring The Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, and Marian Call. The only time I got Marian Call’s zombie cheerleader song out of my head during the weekend was when it was replaced by The Doubleclicks’ “Dungeons and Dragons” or Molly Lewis’s “Open Letter to Stephen Fry.”  There was an impromptu reprise of the concert on Sunday in the courtyard that we all stood around watching; there was something really magic about that.

I went to a few panels, but the in-between times were just as fantastic. Though it’s not really surprising, this con definitely made me want to run out and create the sorts of characters that this audience would love. Once I’ve finished with this draft of my memoir, I’ll be able to focus on a new fiction project that I’m even more excited about post-GCC.

In all the greatness of GGC, I forgot a couple of the items on my scavenger hunt – next time, I’ll remember to make an actual check list – but it really helped me in putting myself out there, taking chances, and talking to people. Several people seemed interested, so I hope next year there will be more hunters. I also discovered ways to improve the search; in the future, I want to add pics of “activities” to the list, like, “Get a picture of someone in Steampunk gear giving someone else a neck rub.” ‘Cause that totally happened.

So here’s my grand finish:

  • A comic signed by the writer or artist ACHIEVED! I met the very talented Mleiv, artist and creator of the webcomic The Locked Maze, which gives me a very Locke & Key vibe. I bought the set of her first three books – after I sent her to meet Javier Grillo-Marxuach so she could get her awesome Middleman print signed. That may have been my favorite moment of the weekend.
  • A Con program book autographed by an actor from a TV show or webseries – FAILED. I forgot all about this one, and actors weren’t actually a large part of this particular con. Those who attended were also creators who went out and made their own projects. I spoke to a couple, but failed on the autograph portion, oops!
  • An original doodle or sketch – something geeky! – ACHIEVED! Artist Rebecca Hicks was so excited that I asked for Rory Williams, the Last Centurion, that even though I could only afford B&W, she drew him in color. Made my day and hers.
  • Someone’s name tag/card – ACHIEVED! After the “Character Studies: Geek Girls in Pop Culture” panel, I asked Javi if it was cool if I snagged his card, and then just grabbed it and ran off. Prior to the con, I had no idea the name cards would be so huge.
  • (3) business cards from Artist Alley vendors – ACHIEVED! I picked up cards from the aforementioned Mleiv, Gretchen Fuller (who makes very cool geeky mosaics) and one from the folks over at Lovesick Robot.
  • (10) Twitter handles from fellow attendees – PARTIAL WIN. I got a few new twitter followers and followees, but not sure it adds up to 10.
  • Pictures of the following: (I’ve decided not to spam the blog with pictures here, but upload them to Facebook with other pics from the weekend)

1 person in a Jayne hat (bonus points if you’re the one wearing it!) – ACHIEVED! This was the easiest; in fact, if I’d known how easy it would be, I would have set the bar higher. Must have seen half a dozen Jayne hats, at least.

2 people wearing steampunk attire – ACHIEVED! Though the Steampunk panel filled up fast, there weren’t many people in full regalia. That might have something to do with the fact that a big steampunk convention was happening in Seattle the following week. Still a respectable showing of goggles and gears.

3 Star Wars related t-shirts – ACHIEVED! I saw three, got pictures of two, and a third picture of a guy in a Star Wars jacket. The curious thing was that there was loads of Star Wars cosplay and ton of Browncoat t-shirts, so I’ll know better for next time.

4 sonic screwdrivers – FAIL. I largely forgot about this item, and so only snapped a picture of one sonic screwdriver held by a River Song. I’m not sure if there were others I just didn’t see, or if the Doctor was underrepresented.

– 5 characters from video games – ACHIEVED! I think. Considering I know nothing about video games, I sort of just took pictures of costumes that I didn’t recognized but looked video game-ish. Though I did recognize Mario, and Link (plus Dark Link) from Zelda.

– 6 robots – Um, TOTAL FAIL. I completely forgot I even set this one as part of the search. I guess my excitement over one gal’s Tom Servo would could as a robot sighting, but otherwise, this was a miss.

I want to add a ‘Hello!’ to new friends and readers. All in all, it was a wonderful experience, and I’m really grateful to have been part of something this special and new. Can’t wait for 2012. Next year in Seattle!

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