The Mayan Project

The Mayans didn’t get to finish their calendar, so the world’s gonna end in twelve months. Or is it?

Or is it?

We’ve had a lot fun at the expense of a brutally eradicated¬†indigenous¬†people, but what if this really was our last year on Earth? Sort of puts all those New Year’s Resolutions in perspective. This could very well be the last year to make promises to ourselves that we probably won’t keep. Better make them count.

Forget resolutions to lose weight, or quit smoking, or invest in a 401k. What if we only had one year to make our dreams come true? What would take priority? What is the one thing we really want to achieve before the end of the world? What do we want to be?

I’m issuing a challenge. Call it The Mayan Project. If this was it, if the world really was going to end in December, which hopes and dreams would rise to the top of your bucket list? Maybe we won’t achieve them in the next eleven and a half months, but that’s okay. The Mayan Project isn’t about check marks – it’s about identifying what really matters. Spread the word.

It’s 2012, what matters most to you?

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  1. Good point! I like the idea of making goals to do things in 2012 that are going to effect your life in 2012. Which is probably why all of my goals are things like, keep track of the books I read, write more and more and more, and go on a couple specific trips. All things I’d want to do in the case of the end of the world.

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