Three Dog House and Other Updates

Right, blogging. That thing I do to maintain my online cred and market myself as a writer. It’s been awhile, huh? The reason being when I blog, I prefer to post anecdotes, or short essays – the sort of thing you might find in a magazine – or at least something more interesting than a catalogue of what I’ve had to eat, which is why there can be gaps in my updates.

Some times there are no blog posts because nothing particularly interesting has happened in my life since the last one, and sometimes I’m just so busy trying to keep my unemployed spirits up by working on my YA fantasy-satire novel, my new comic, or my overdue memoir, that I forget how long its been since I blogged. The comic is progressing nicely – if a bit slowly for my instant-gratification tastes. I have Verucasaltitis, unfortunately, so I want everything now, now, now. The artists I’m working with are brilliant though, and what I’ve seen so far is really exciting, but only makes my condition worse. (Insert winking emoticon here.)

The last two weeks have been particularly occupied by the acquisition of a new puppy – yes, after six months of volunteering with the Westside German Shepherd Rescue, I broke the cardinal rule of the volunteer, and fell in love.

Chiana and her Farscape namesake

The name suits her in more ways than one.

I was at Westside as a volunteer to walk some German shepherds when I spotted her. Her foster mother works in the reception area and had brought her in. Now, there are always puppies at Westside, and it can be tough to resist their cuteness. But usually when the puppies are up in the maternity suites, they’re too young to be played with, and I have to content myself with observing the little potatoes through the window.

Chiana – formerly Petal von Precious – was a foster, so I was able to actually sit down next to her and have her crawl in my lap. Big mistake. I was especially taken with how much she looked like our 13-year-old Roxie as a puppy. I took a picture to show my mom, and it was pretty much all over after that.

When we brought her home, I was pretty anxious. We figured Roxie would ignore the four-month-old the same way she had ignored Pilot when we got him. Pilot was my concern – I’ve spoiled him terribly, and he’s a black hole of attention-seeking neediness. I had no idea if he could handle the competition.

If you also follow me on Twitter (@hollwoodjane – I’m hilarious), then you know the day after Chiana arrived Pilot got sick and scared the bejeezus out of me. He also spent most of his time growling at Chiana – though the idea of being aggressive was so new to him, that he ended up scaring himself as much as he scared her. She’s also a little minx and doesn’t scare easy – or learn her lesson particularly fast when it comes to messing with the big dogs.

Fortunately, after a week, and after his sickness passed, he seemed to recognize that this irritating little girl made a pretty good playmate, and they’ve been chasing each other around the house playing tug-of-war ever since. (For cute animal video, check out Pilot’s Facebook page in a little bit.) Now that they’re acclimated, maybe I can get back to…whatever it is I do here.

Hopefully my brain will continue to function so that I can blog about geek news, like the return of Community, the future of Dr. Horrible, and my take on the expansion of the Whedonverse in comics.

And I’ve got my ticket to see Hunger Games next week. Though I’ve written about how poor book adaptations to screen usually are, I’m really looking forward to this one. The trailer gives me goosebumps, and I have to think that’s a good sign.

Until next time, anonymous people.

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