Tweets from Israel

The following is what I would have Tweeted in the last eleven days if I had had access to Twitter:

@hollywoodjane  Saw an orthodox Jewish man at LAX with a hat case attached to his backpack. He wore a baseball cap. 11:28 AM Aug 8th

@hollywoodjane  Seem to have been placed in the kiddie corner on flight to JFK. 11:47 AM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  I’m fairly certain Adam Busch (Warren from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is sitting across the aisle. 1:31 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  So weird to think this was only Part One of the trip – and the real adventure hasn’t even begun. 8:21 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  First casualty of the trip: my iPhone case. Don’t ask. 8:42 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Arrived in NY. Retrieving baggage then onto the next terminal. 8:47 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Apparently, in the five hours I was on the plan, my mother bought a car. 8:53 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Totally got on the wrong train for the airport shuttle. Oh well, all roads… 9:25 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Met up with my Kesher group. Two other Birthright groups are traveling on the same plane. 9:43 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Got seriously grilled by El Al security. With a last name like Christopher, I guess my reasons for traveling to Israel are suspect. 10:04 PM August 8th

@hollywoodjane  Nothing is open in JFK after midnight. 1:42 AM August 9th

@hollywoodjane  The line to get on the plan is like the line for Space Mountain. 3:32 AM August 9th

@hollywoodjane  Am on an eleven hour flight with many, many shrieking children. 11:40 AM August 9th

@hollywoodjane  Arrived in Tel Aviv. 5:51 PM August 9th

@hollywoodjane  Had first meal in Israel. Cheese, tomato, and cucumber sandwich. 7:50 PM August 9th

@hollywoodjane  This morning, had to get off the bus with our eyes closed so we got the full impact of the Jerusalem view. 11:25 AM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Walked and hiked around Jerusalem to get to archaeological dig site on the Temple Mount. 2:17 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Sitting inside a mikveh (cleansing place)  in Jerusalem. 3:04 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Sat on the steps of the Temple Mount. 3:49 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Placed a note in the Wailing Wall. It reminded me of PostSecret. Still not sure what to think. 4:47 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Visited the Hebrew Union College and tried desperately to stay awake with minimum success. 6:55 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  Saw a poster from the bus announcing the death of a rabbi. It included information on when the family would be sitting shiva. 9:03 PM August 10th

@hollywoodjane  At Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum. 11:16 AM August 11th

@hollywoodjane  Had such a physical reaction to Yad Vashem, my legs turned to jelly. Broke down completely in the Hall of Names. 2:35 PM August 11th

@hollywoodjane  I am the sixth candle. 3:03 PM August 11th

@hollywoodjane  Had my first falafel then gelato on Ben Yehuda Street. Yum! 5:13 PM August 11th

@hollywoodjane  Waiting to welcome the Israeli soldiers and students who will be joining our trip. 11:12 AM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  My back is a little sore from hauling rocks in a Jerusalem community garden yesterday. Felt accomplished and ate handmade pita, dipped in olive oil with zatar. 11:13 AM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  We’re playing Top Chef: Israel today at the market at Mahane Yehuda. 1:05 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  Drank a juice that’s supposed to help me get a boyfriend, tasted a fig, and gathered picnic ingredients at the shuk. 1:49 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  Our team invented a new dessert: the Israeli Donut Parfait – a donut sliced in half, covered in vanilla pudding, chalva, dried strawberries, cranberries, and figs! 4:04 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  We also made a hummus and tabouli laffa wrap – so good! 4:05 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  Three hour bus ride into the Negev Desert is nearing its end. Then we ride camels into the sunset. 5:31 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  On a camel! 5:57 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  Just got a sales pitch for our host’s CD during bedouin hospitality. 7:36 PM August 12th

@hollywoodjane  Slept in a tent. Less sleeping than lying awake with sinus problems 5:08 AM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  Woke up at 4 AM and climbed Mount Masada (or Metzada) an hour later. Double rainbow, all the way! 6:07 AM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  After climbing to the top of Metzada, we crawled all over it learning about crazy King Herod and the Zealots. 6:56 AM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  When our guide Oshrit isn’t sure of an English word, she always asks permission, like, “Can I say this?” rather than asking if the word is correct. 7:02 AM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  Yelled at a mountain in Hebrew. It produced the most amazing echo that rippled across the desert. 7:48 AM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  Had a meltdown while struggling down the steep, slippery Snake Path from Metzada. Felt better when we visited the Ein Gedi oasis and swam in a waterfall. 3:26 PM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  Floated on the Dead Sea. Strange sensation, and not nearly as painful as I was expecting. 4:09 PM August 13th

@hollywoodjane  Crashed out directly after Shabbat services last night, and slept for *14* hours last night. 12:42 PM August 14th

@hollywoodjane  Had a lovely Havdalah service in Jerusalem’s Independence Park. 7:01 PM August 14th

@hollywoodjane  Today was the day of rest, and part of it was spent talking with Seth about our traumatic post-Masada experience. 7:03 PM August 14th

@hollywoodjane  In a crowded Israeli nightclub, not drinking. Inhaling cigarette smoke. 11:45 PM August 14th

@hollywoodjane  A song played in the club has the chorus, ‘Murder – murder she wrote.’ 12:21 AM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  Can’t believe I found a Coffee Bean in Jerusalem and I’m not allowed to go to it. 7:52 AM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  I have never wanted bacon so badly before in my life. 7:59 AM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  I think the number of smokers on this trip increases exponentially with each stop. 10:40 AM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  Visiting Mount Hertzl memorial cemetery. Saw Yitzak Rabin’s monument. 12:20 PM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  Lunch was a slice of pizza at an Israeli mall. Highlight: the synagogue next to the kosher McDonald’s. 3:26 PM August 15th

@hollywoodjane  Three hour drive north to Tiberius last night, followed by a really interesting post-dinner discussion about Jewish identity in the States. 10:29 AM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  Driving further north to a spot in the Golan Heights where we can shout hello to Syrians. 10:30 AM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  About to watch a movie about Jewish settlers on a kibbutz. 1:39 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  I am covered in bug bites! 4:11 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  Had to say goodbye to our Israeli friends. Really wish I’d had the guts to ask more questions. 4:12 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  Saw a sign for ‘Horeshat Tal.’ Tee hee hee. 6:04 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  Went kayaking on the Jordan River. Didn’t enjoy it at the time, but it was cool in retrospect. Would have been more fun if it wasn’t so painful for my shoulder. 9:01 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  Feel much better after a call home and a call from friend in Tel Aviv. Also had a bonding moment with my roomies over French braids. @10:49 PM August 16th

@hollywoodjane  At Kinneret Cemetery to learn about settlers from the Second Aliyah. 9:53 AM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  In Tzfat, the center of Kabbalah. 1:20 PM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  Bought a beautiful copper mezuzah. I even haggled a bit for it. 6:10 PM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  It was just announced that we’re going to some stranger’s 2000+ person party in Tel Aviv tonight. Basically, my worst nightmare. 6:11 PM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  In Tel Aviv hostel that’s nicer than previous hotels. 7:27 PM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  Heading to the Port – gonna meet up with an old friend! 9:34 PM August 17th

@hollywoodjane  Despite the humidity, had a wonderful dessert with Mitch at Max Brenner. So good! 12:50 AM August 18th

@hollywoodjane  In the first Jewish neighborhood outside Yafo. Shopping and lunch soon, and beach time later. 10:00 AM August 18th

@hollywoodjane  In Independence Hall, Tel Aviv, former house of the first mayor of the city, and the place where Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel. 2:11 PM August 18th

@hollywoodjane  On the beach in Tel Aviv. Feeling sick. :( 5:44 PM August 18th

@hollywoodjane  After a brutal day of flying (and an amazing bacon cheeseburger) I am finally home! Missed you, Los Angeles. 9:58 PM August 19th

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  1. Wow, sooo much I want to talk to you about! The things that jump out though: What did the El Al people ask you? They grilled everyone, but what questions did you get? Wasn’t that Ein Gedi waterfall just the perfect place to get refreshed after Masada? And finally, MAX BRENNER!!! I went there in Tel Aviv, too! Holy cow, I wish there were more of those nearby. mmmm

    Let’s catch up soon! (or as soon as you want to, in case of culture shock or jet lag.) I can’t wait to see pictures and read more once you’ve processed it all.

  2. Wow, that sounds like an amazing trip! I’d be really annoyed by all the cigarette smoking, too. That bacon cheeseburger must have tasted amazing :) but it sounds like you ate some good things there, too.

    I hope you took lots of pictures. Mountains, waterfalls, archaeological sites, famous monuments, etc. must have been awesome.

    My college roommate lived the first six years of her life on a kibbutz in Israel. She didn’t talk too much about it (she was pretty young at the time) but it’s pretty interesting.

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