uGeek Store Closing: Everything Must Go

After five years, I’m shutting the virtual doors on my uGeek Etsy shop with a blow-out sale.


newugeekbannerIt started with a flash drive necklace. You’ve probably heard the story. Since opening the uGeek Etsy shop in January of 2010, I’ve had a lot of fun, and a lot of frustrations. My ‘signature’ design became impossible to replicate after the USB sticks I needed fell out of fashion, and the conundrum of copyright vs. fair use in the world of geeky accessories has given me too many headaches. I love making jewelry and ornaments, but the shop has never exactly been profitable, and in recent months it’s become more trouble than it’s worth, financially and in terms of personal enjoyment.

I’m not a natural saleswoman – I never will be. I’ve tried as many of the tricks of driving traffic to my store as I can without breaking the bank, and it just hasn’t done any good. I’m grateful to anyone who’s bought from me in the past, thrilled to hear how happy my designs have made you. I won’t stop making things, and may even decide to reopen uGeek in some other form in the future. For now, I’m closing up shop.

But here’s the good news for any uGeek fans, especially those who have been stuck on the fence due to financials – everything in my shop is HALF OFF from now until I pull the plug in April. Since Etsy won’t let me apply a blanket sale to my shop, use the code GOODBYEUGEEK at checkout, and you’ll get 50% OFF your order. I’d much rather my pieces go to people who appreciate them than continue to gather dust in my house.

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