YA REWIND: The Illyrian Adventure by Lloyd Alexander

In this episode of YA Rewind, I talk about the great Lloyd Alexander and The Illyrian Adventure, the first of his books to feature intrepid orphan Vesper Holly. On the Casting Couch, I pick out my ideal cast for a Vesper Holly movie, discuss some upcoming YA adaptations, and in the new Book Jacket Theatre segment I perform a melodramatic reading of a book summary from the ‘paranormal teen romance’ section of Amazon.

It’s 1872, and adventurous Vesper Holly and her guardian set out for the tiny country of Illyria, on a quest for its legendary treasure. But once Vesper and Brinnie arrive, they are plunged into a fierce struggle between rebel forces— and someone is out to kill the two of them! If anyone can triumph over those kind of odds, it’s Vesper — one of Lloyd Alexander’s most intrepid (and best-selling) heroines.

More info for the Lloyd Alexander documentary mentioned in the podcast can be found here, and the well-reviewed but unfortunately summarized paranormal teen romance used in Book Jacket Theatre can be found on Amazon: A Chance for Charity.

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Next time I’ll be talking about Elizabeth Winthrop‘s The Castle in the Attic.

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